Maquettes et Figurines


@ Who is concerned by this site?

Everyone can consult this catalogue.
But only professionals can register and order to HOBBY-FRANCE-MAQUETTES.

@ Customers

You can consult the catalogue and the news which are just worldwide imported. If you are interested by one of them do not hesitate to contact HOBBY-FRANCE-MAQUETTES to know your nearest retailer.

@ Professionnals

_ 1rst stage: you discover, for the first time, this online sales website.
Register your company by clicking on the button " Business Area". Once the form was filled (be sure to fill completely and correctly all lines) and sent, you will receive, under 24 to 48 hours, an e-mail confirming your registration. If beyond this time, you do not have any reply, please contact HOBBY-FRANCE-MAQUETTES.
_ 2nd stage: You are registered and you wish to order.
When you are on the home page, fill the 2 fields " log-in " and " password " which will make it possible to identify you. If you do not remember one or two of these words, you can find them on the e-mail confirming your registration. If you do not find this mail anymore, contact HOBBY-FRANCE-MAQUETTES who will return you the information.
Once that you clicked on the button "login" of the home page, you are automatically directed towards the page " news/Menu " and at the top right corner, your basket will appear:
  • it identifies you by your name
  • it gives you the number of articles that you ordered
  • it calculates the whole order amount

  • If you wish to see the detail of your order, click on the green image in the caddie's shape near the blue arrow.
    _ 3rd stage: You are on the page " catalogues " with the whole of the articles.
    Order an article by changing the quantity in the field corresponding and then click on the large caddie's shape which will be filled. If you wish to make a quick selection by brand of an article you liked, click on the brand image. The listing will be adjusted automatically on your request.
    Your first selection was not precise and you want to reduce the listing by choosing a particular speciality or a scale, click on the name of this speciality or it's scale..
    _ 4th stage your basket was full and you wish to order
    Go on the details page of the basket as shown in the above paragraph. Press on the button "Validate modifications and calculate " and check information concerning yourself. Once " Validate and send the order" was pressed, HOBBY-FRANCE-MAQUETTES will receive the purchase order. And it will return you an acknowledgement of receipt with the amount of the carriage costs, the taxes, and the total amount to pay.
    _ 5th stage: you can return on the site and order again.

    @ How does the stock indicator work?

    This is a scale to give you an indication about the quantity of product available in stock at this moment.
    échelle pour le stock des produits

    Each rectangle symbolize the interval number of items: